TOSA for Social Studies K-12 
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EOC Information
Students enrolled in M/J Civics and U.S. History in high school must take the Florida End-of-Course Assessment.  The score counts for 30% of the student's final course grade.
Achievement Level

FLDOE Information
Resources does not list the student tutorials available for U.S. History.  However, they are available HERE.
2106010 M/J Civics 
2106015 M/J Civics 
2106016 M/J Civics & Career Planning 
2106020 M/J Civics, Advanced 
2106025 M/J Civics, Advanced 
2106026 M/J Civics, Adv.& Career Planning 
2106027 M/J IB MYP Civics Advanced 
2106028 M/J IB MYP Civics Adv. & Career Planning 
2106029 M/J Civics and Digital Technologies 
2100045 M/J U.S. History and Civics
2100310 U.S. History 
2100320 U.S. History Honors 
2100390 Visions & Countervisions: Europe, U.S. & the 
                  World from 1848
2100480 Visions & Countervisions: Europe, U.S. & the 
                  World from 1848 Honors    

Courses Triggering the EOC