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Resources for Social Studies events throughout the year
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Biographies, including videos, on the Founding Fathers.

CCSB Google Drive
A collection of lessons and resources.

Gilder Lehrman, Institute of American History
High school  unit on Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and Alexander Hamilton.

National Constitution Center
Biographies on each of the delegates at the Constitutional Convention.

Designation of Patriot's Day 
Center for Civic Education
Unit reflecting upon who we are as Americans:  examine our most
fundamental values and principles and affirm our commitment  to them.  
These materials were developed by federal grantees and agencies in commemoration of the tenth anniversary of September 11, 2001. The materials are provided as a convenience for teachers and others seeking resources for teaching about September 11. 

FLDOE Resources
Collection of sites from the Bureau of Curriculum and Instruction. 
Brain Pop- September 11th 
Great video and extra resources for presenting material in a sensitive manner to elementary and middle school students. 
Oval Office speech by Pres. Bush- 9/11/01 (audio) 

Lessons and Activities
Offered through the 9/11 Memorial and Museum
Lesson Plans K-2
Lesson Plans 3-5
Lesson Plans 6-8
Lesson Plans 9-12

United States public law requires that public educational institutions receiving federal funds teach about the Constitution on this day. 
Ben's Guide to U.S. Government for Kids 
From the U.S. Government Printing Office. Provides information about the Constitution and the formation of the U.S. government tailored for grades K-2, 3-5, 6-8 and 9-12. 

Center for Civic Education
Lessons and activities for all grade levels on the Constitution.
The Charters of Freedom  
From the National Archives and Records Administration. Provides information about the Constitution and the delegates to the Constitutional Convention, as well as images of the original document.  

iCivics- Anatomy of the Constitution
This lesson gives an article-by-article overview of the structure and function of the U.S. Constitution. Students learn about the duties and powers of the three branches, the amendment process, and the role of the Constitution as the supreme law of the land.

FLDOE Link to Resources 
Collection of sites and resources compiled by the the FLDOE's Bureau of Curriculum and Instruction. 

National Constitution Center 
Offers student-friendly interpretations of Constitutional Articles, Amendments, and issues as well as classroom resources and lesson plans. 
Teaching With Documents: Observing Constitution Day  
From the Library of Congress. Features lessons and links to primary source documents.  
Founding Fathers Hard at Work
Students answer questions after analyzing an image of the writing of the Declaration of Independence (Elementary.)

Freedom Book
Activity book with pages for all ages that examines all American freedoms, from the Declaration to Civil Rights and Suffrage.

Gilder Lehrman- Teaching Literacy Through History
This unit enables students to understand, summarize, and analyze the original text of the Declaration of Indepence. Students will demonstrate this knowledge by writing summaries of selections from the original document and, by the end of the unit, articulating their understanding of the complete document by answering questions in an argumentative writing style. Through this step-by-step process, students will acquire the skills to analyze any primary or secondary source material.

National Archives Signer's Gallery
The Declaration of Independence is the quintessential American document. If you cannot travel to see the real document in Washington, D.C., teach your students about who signed the Declaration, why it was signed and some important facts about the signers.

National Endowment of the Humanities:  Declare the Causes
This unit helps your students see the development of the Declaration as both an historical process and a writing process through role play, creative writing, an introduction to some important documents and a review of historic events.

Tampa Bay Times NIE
What would Thomas Jefferson say if he could see the United States today? Each year, students in the state of Florida are expected to recite a key passage from the Declaration of Independence and to spend at least three hours in the classroom studying this important document. Celebrate Freedom carefully examines this key passage, helping students better understand its meaning and why it is still important to us today. Celebrate Freedom was created in partnership with The James Madison Institute.

Too Late to Apologize: A Declaration 
A video spoof recounting events leading up to the writing of the Declaration.


Cuban Experience in Florida 

Written history, photos, lesson plans, and other resources offered by Florida Memory. 
Printables for Elementary students. 

National Education Association
Celebrate National Hispanic Heritage month with the following lessons, activities, videos, and more.  Resources for Gr. K-12. 

Smithsonian Education Resources 
Lesson plans and interactive exhibits. 
TeacherVision: Hispanic Heritage 
Cross-curricular lesson plans, printables, and activities.

During  two weeks surrounding Veteran's Day, teachers can request to have an area veteran visit their classroom by accessing this  REQUEST FORM.

National Education Association
Commemorate Veterans Day with the following lessons, activities, videos, and more.  Resources for Gr. K-12. 

Docs Teach
Billions of historical documents and other materials housed at the National Archives throughout the country include information relating to American Indians from the 18th through the 21st century.
The Florida Seminoles

Written history, photos, lesson plans, and other resources offered by Florida Memory. 
Official Native American Heritage Site 
Multimedia resources, lesson plans, and student activities. 
Seminole Tribe of Florida 
Official site offering history and culture. 
Smithsonian Education Resources 
Lesson plans and interactive exhibits.
FIRST RESPONDER APPRECIATION WEEK                                (1st full week back in January)

FLDOE Link to Resources

Standards Relating to First Responders
SS.K.C.2.1 Demonstrate the characteristics of being a good citizen. 
SS.K.C.2.2 Demonstrate that conflicts among friends can be resolved in ways that are consistent with being a good citizen. 
SS.1.C.1.2 Give examples of people who have the power and authority to make and enforce rules and laws in the school and community. 
SS.1.C.2.3 Identify ways students can participate in the betterment of their school and community. 
SS.1.C.3.1 Explain how decisions can be made or how conflicts might be resolved in fair and just ways. 
SS.2.C.1.2 Explain the consequences of an absence of rules and laws. 
SS.2.C.2.4 Identify ways citizens can make a positive contribution to their community. 
SS.3.C.2.1 Identify group and individual actions of citizens that demonstrate civility, cooperation, volunteerism, and other civic virtues.
SS.4.C.2.1 Discuss public issues in Florida that impact the daily lives of its citizens. 
SS.4.C.2.2 Identify ways citizens work together to influence government and help solve community and state problems. 
SS.5.C.2.4 Evaluate the importance of civic responsibilities in American responsibility. 
SS.7.C.2.3 Experience the responsibilities of citizens at the local, state, or federal levels. 
SS.7.C.2.12 Develop a plan to resolve a state or local problem by researching public policy alternatives, identifying appropriate government agencies to address the issue, and determining a course of action. 
SS.7.C.2.14 Conduct a service project to further the public good. 
SS.912.C.2.3 Experience the responsibilities of citizens at the local, state, or federal levels. 
SS.912.C.2.10 Monitor current public issues in Florida. 
SS.912.C.2.11 Analyze public policy solutions or courses of action to resolve a local, state, or federal issues.


African American History Task Force 
Resources from the FL Commissioner of Education's Task Force

Awesome Stories- Black History 
Stories, media, and primary sources devoted to Black History

Center for Civic Education 
Lesson plans that explore the use of nonviolence in history, paying particular
attention to the civil rights movement and African American history.

Crafting Freedom
Provides educators with a user-friendly resource on the African-American experience during the era of slavery. Here you'll find ready-to-use lesson plans, videos, PDF slide shows, teacher tools, and student handouts on the 19th-century black experience. 

Florida Memory's Black History Month Resources 
Lessons aligned to NGSSS using primary sources
Articles, speeches, video, and pictures of Martin Luther King Jr.

Google Cultural Institute 

​Explore collections from museums and archives all around the word.  
Governor Scott's Official Black History Month Site 

Official African American History Month
The Library of Congress, National Archives and Records Administration, National Endowment for the Humanities, National Gallery of Art, National Park Service, Smithsonian Institution and United States Holocaust Memorial Museum join in paying tribute to the generations of African Americans who struggled with adversity to achieve full citizenship in American society.

Sojourner History 
Resource for infusing the African-American experience into your United States history class. Designed by the American Institute for History Education, the site includes a vast collection of content, strategies, tools, and lessons.

Tampa Bay Times NIE
A supplemental publication of the Newspapers for Education program.  Incldudes text, activities, images, audio, video, and a curriculum guide.

John Young  lives in Citrus County and has a Black Heritage display of US Postage Stamps and postal history. His e-mail address is:

Center for Civic Education
Challenge your students to think critically about the study of women's history. Throughout our nation’s past, women have dared to question, to evaluate, and to ask, “Why not do better?”

Education World 

Lessons, activities, and resources to involve your students in the study of women's contributions to the world.  

Elementary Integration of Knowledge Unit
Multiple sources on Susan B. Anthony and Marie Curry including text, video, and image with sample Cluster 3 questions and a culminating writing task.  A model lesson plan is included.  The unit is intended for Grades 3-5.
Florida Memory's Women's History Month Resources 
Lesson units, photographs, audio, video, documents, and exhibits covering important women in Florida's history. 
Florida Women in the Civil War offers a unit on the contributions of women in Florida during the Civil War. Includes text, videos, images, and lesson plans.'s Official Site for Women's History Month 
Articles, videos, pictures, and speeches on influential women in history. 
The Learning Network Celebrates Women's History Month 
A variety of resources including links to current event articles highlighting women in history, politics, economics, arts, sports, and Science. 

Tampa Bay Times NIE
A supplemental publication of the Newspapers for Education program.  Incldudes text, activities, images, audio, video, and a curriculum guide.
National Education Association 
Women's History Month lessons, activities, background reading, and more for Grades K-5. 

National Women's History Museum
A collection of online exhibits, biographies, videos,  interactives, and lesson plans highlighting the contributions of women to the social, cultural, economic and political life of our nation in a context of world history.
Official Women's History Month Site  
The Library of Congress, National Archives and Records Administration, National Endowment for the Humanities, National Gallery of Art, National Park Service, Smithsonian Institution and United States Holocaust Memorial Museum join in paying tribute to the generations of women whose commitment to nature and the planet have proved invaluable to society. 

Reading Like a Historian
A DBQ style unit examining Women in the 1950s.

Time for Kids Celebrates Women 
Reading articles, videos, slideshows, and printables for kids.
Finance Your Future
The Florida Department of Financial Services has developed an eight module program in financial literacy, which is available free.

Math Lesson Plans for Shopping
Turn the classroom into a real-world learning experience with these shopping and retail themed lessons for K-12.

Practical Money Skills
These important financial lessons include teacher's guides, student activities, and PowerPoints.  They include lessons for Pre-K through College, including special needs.

Real Estate, Math, and Financial Literacy for K-12
Real estate - including renting, buying and investing - is an important concept for children to grasp, and yet it can feel like too much of an “adult” concept. Particularly for math and economics teachers, having a resource with lesson plans and information about these topics and how they relate to students age-appropriately is helpful. Here are some excellent resources and lesson plans you can use today in your classroom, as well as information about what topics will reach your children best.

Lesson Plans to Celebrate Military Kids
These lesson plans integrate website content about military life and world cultures with key concepts in Language Arts, Math and other subjects. Each of these ready-to-go lesson plans includes the content, instructions and handouts required.

Ways to Celebrate
Here are some ideas for you to consider celebrating the Month of the Military Child. These are great ideas for PTA or PTO’s to initiate or school staff and counselors. Showing your support and acknowledging the uniqueness of the military lifestyle helps transitioning kids succeed in the classroom and their community.

Library of Congress- Japanese American Internment
Teacher's guide using primary sources on Japanese Internment during WWII.

Official Asian-Pacific Heritage Site 
Browse ready-to-use lesson plans, student activities, collection guides and research aids on Asian-American history through the Library of Congress and National Archives.

Smithsonian Education Resources